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11  September 2014  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Only-3-Sales-Systems-You-NeedEntrepreneurs often think that sales is really complicated, it’s a creative process, and it seems mystical and magical. There’s also a misconception that some people are good at it and some people aren’t. So if you weren’t born to do sales, there’s not much you can do about it.

Well, that just isn’t true. Sales effectiveness is really just a matter of having proven structures. And there are really only three areas that you need those structures for.

Sales effectiveness is really just a matter of having 3 proven structures.

So if you take the time to include these 3 structures in your business, you should be more than ready to make your Irresistible Offer in any situation:

  • One-to-one: The first structure you need, and the place where we recommend that you start, is your one-to-one high-ticket selling system. This takes place on the phone or live, and, in this system, the prospective client does most of the talking while you’re listening. We love for entrepreneurs to start with this, because it’s like getting paid to do market research. You’re making sales while you learn all about their biggest concerns, their biggest aspirations and dreams, and they are telling you exactly what they need and how you can help them. As I’ll show you in a moment, that research is crucial to the success of the other two structures.In addition to the market research potential, this structure can be very lucrative. Using our high-ticket selling system, most of our clients are closing 20–25% of their calls. So it takes fewer than two sales a week, at the $2,000-plus level, to turn that six-figure-a-year dream into a reality!
  • One-to-many: This is your structure for selling while you’re speaking on live stages or on teleseminars and webinars. Here, you’re doing most, if not all, of the talking, and your prospective clients are listening. This is where the market research that you learned during your one-to-one conversations really pays off.Being able to say the words that are circulating in your ideal clients’ minds makes you powerfully effective when you make your invitation to work with you. In addition, all of that research leads you to your Irresistible Offers, so, not only are you saying what they’re thinking, but your offer is exactly what they need. (I call this business nirvana. ;-))
  • Online: The ultimate test of your sales structures is being able to use the tools for an online launch. With online opt-in and sales pages, you’re mostly using printed copy. You’re not getting any feedback at all from your prospects, so you had better already know what’s going on in their heads. How did you find that out so that you could write effective copy? You listened during your one-to-one conversations. (See how it works?)

You’ll know you’re in tune with your ideal clients’ needs and desires when they say, “Wow, how did you know I was thinking that?” or “You took the words right out of my mouth!”

When you hear that, you know that all of your work has paid off, and all three of your sales structures have come together in a powerful way.

If you’re ready to create the only three sales structures you need, come work with me live in San Diego, Oct. 16-18, for our Ultimate Sales Bootcamp.

28  August 2014  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Do you want to have it all?

3-Keys-Personal-freedom-w_BDo you want to break beyond the one-on-one and serve more people, become known for your expertise, make money and a difference, all while maintaining personal freedom at the end of the day?

By “personal freedom,” I mean, you get to choose how much you travel and how much you don’t. You decide how much money you want to make, and how many hours or days in a week you want to work.

That’s not just a pipe dream. You really can have it all. Here are the three keys to creating a business and a life that you’ll love:

1. Structure. Structure gives you the ability to be yourself, have fun and sell a ton. If you want to have personal freedom as well as a successful business, you have to put in structures, particularly in your sales system. Otherwise, you end up doing all kinds of crazy things to get people to buy, and you end up being the pushy, salesy person you didn’t want to be.

You need structures both online and offline that give you simple sales processes. [I’ll tell you more about those structures in my next ezine.]

2. Positioning. This is your key to being able to package, price and sell your expertise. Many experts think they should start at the “Wal-Mart” low-cost level and transition to the “Nordstrom” level once they have some experience under their belt, but it doesn’t work that way. Once you become known as the low-price leader, it’s very difficult to change that perception in your industry.

You actually want to come in at the highest level that your clients are ready to be served. To do that, you need to position yourself as a premium high-ticket expert, even if you’re just getting started. And the great news is, it’s not hard to do if you have the structure. (See how it all fits together?)

3 keys to creating a business you love and the personal freedom you desire in your business: Structure, Positioning & Leverage.

3. Leverage. Leveraging means you’re delivering your expertise to more than one person at a time. To start doing that in your business, you need to figure out what parts of your work can be taught or delivered to a group, and what parts have to be done one-on-one. And then you structure the delivery of your offers accordingly.

The undisclosed bonus of leveraging is that your clients actually learn more in a leveraged group setting, because they don’t just learn from you and their own thoughts and ideas, but also from the questions that other people ask and the coaching that other people solicit from the mentor.

So while there is a loss of the one-on-one attention, there’s also a huge gain for the client, as well as for you, that more than makes up for the loss.

If you’d like to have my exact plan for implementing these three keys into your business and creating your personal sales conversion machine, there’s still room for you at my upcoming live event, Ultimate Sales Bootcamp.  It’s my newest creation, and it’s literally the fruition of six years of creating and running my own highly structured sales conversion machine. I can’t wait to show you exactly how it works and hand you the plan! Isn’t it time to join me and let me show you how easy it really can be?

26  August 2014  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

LeadershipPeople ask me all the time how I created a leadership position in my industry.

That’s actually a very interesting story, because, earlier in my career, when I was actually “trying” to be a leader, I kept finding myself in the second-in-command position.

Not that I minded. It was a pleasure to support the person who was leading the organization. In fact, I thought that I would do that for my whole life.

Then, one day, I got booted out of the supportive position I thought I’d have forever, and it forced me to take a look at my own gifts.

Slowly, but surely, I started getting those gifts out into the world and serving others.

And then, one day, I turned around and people were following me! I was a leader.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to be a leader is to serve with all your heart. Get in touch with your unique expertise, and then find ways to get your message out and help as many people as you can.

That’s why on our campus, we focus on preparing you to be a leader on the stage.

19  August 2014  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

One of the questions that I’m often asked is, “Why is it so hard to sell my own services?”

I can relate. I was raised in corporate sales, and I could go out there for Pfizer, for Hewlett-Packard, and offer their services all day long. I even won awards for doing so.

But I’ll never forget the first time I got in front of an audience to do my own signature talk, “Boost Sales Using Irresistible Offers.”

I was sweating and shaking so much!

Of course, I’ve come a long way since then, but offering your own products and, especially, your own services, really is one of the most vulnerable things you can do.

The yes or no you get, which is impersonal when you’re working for someone else, suddenly feels personal. It feels as though they’re accepting or rejecting you.

It feels that way, but they’re really not. Because the truth is: “It’s not about you.”

It’s actually about them.

The trainings you do, your products and programs, your irresistible offers, are all opportunities that you are giving your prospective clients to say yes—not to you, but to themselves.

They’re saying yes (or no) to themselves, their transformation, not to you or your teaching.

The more you can get out there and give people the chance to say yes, the more you’ll expand your reach, and make a difference. And the beautiful part of our model is that all of that gets reflected in your bank account as well.

15  August 2014  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

It’s already difficult enough to go out on your own and run your own business versus just earning a paycheck. But, unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are compounding that difficulty with the choices that they’re making, or avoiding, about how they structure their business.

To find out if you are making running your business harder than it has to be, ask yourself these five questions:

  • Do you create a new presentation every time you have the opportunity to share your expertise, be it via a live presentation or virtually with a teleseminar or webinar?
  • Are you constantly developing new products and programs so that you feel as though you have something new and important to offer?
  • Do you try to hold on to the few clients that you have, creating upsells for them that are not in your zone of genius?
  • Are you trying to manage more than three key lead-generation strategies to attract new clients?
  • When you have the opportunity to speak with a potential client one-on-one, maybe even someone who inquired about your work or was referred, are you winging it and, far too often, ending up in a free coaching session that leads nowhere?

If you answered yes to any of the above, my questions to you are: How’s that going? And are you enjoying the ride?

Fortunately, while you may be making it harder than it has to be, it’s not at all difficult to turn the tide.

Make your business easy with structure: one Signature Talk, one Irresistible Offer, one Signature program.

The secret to taking the complexity out of your business and stop reinventing the wheel is to have one simple thing…

For example:
One Signature Talk that you tweak when necessary
One core Irresistible Offer that leads to
One signature program that you’re known for.

Then all of your outreach efforts can be focused toward making that offer in as many places, and to as many people, as you can!

This is illustrated in the above graphic, where your one Irresistible Offer is the heart, and all of your speaking, online promos, and one-on-one high-ticket conversations lead to that offer.

This focused simplicity is the key to really being able to gain momentum and get known for your expertise, while you leverage your time, make great money and help a lot more people.

And that’s exactly the structure you’ll be putting in place and applying to leverage your service or expertise at my BRAND-NEW, Ultimate Sales Bootcamp 3-Day Live Training Event in October in beautiful San Diego, CA. To learn more about the event and also more about how you might be making it harder than it has to be, click here to join my free call Wednesday, August 20, at 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET.