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The Power of Finding Your Tribe

Finding-Yr-Trible.pngWe were all just together for Ultimate Sales Bootcamp, and it was so magical, it got me thinking about the power of having a tribe. By that, I mean a group of like-minded people around us, vibrating in the same frequency, learning, growing and providing help and support. There are all types of tribes, but I’ve found that the most successful ones are invested. They’ve come together with an investment of time, money and energy for a common purpose. For instance, our Sales, Authenticity, and Success Mastermind (aka Sassy) tribe comes together for the purpose of making big money doing what we love and learning to sell without being salesy, all in a heart-centered way. So whether you’re just getting started or have been in business for years, here are three powerful ways that an invested group ... More


Ultimate Sales Bootcamp…It’s Not Over Yet

Hey there! It's Michele PW, Lisa's personal copywriter and your roving reporter at Lisa Sasevich's Brand-New “Ultimate Sales Bootcamp” live training. As we wrap up this amazing and powerful event, I’m simply in awe at the transformations I’ve had the honor to witness here. People are on fire -- they can’t wait to get home and implement the life- and business-changing teachings they’ve experienced over the past 3 days. It is my sincere hope you too have felt a bit of that “Lisa Magic” even from the comfort of your own home through the videos and livestream. (And, I hope one day, you too have a chance to join us and experience the magic and transformation for yourself.) But before I leave you, I grabbed Lisa for one final good-bye -- here’s where you can check it out:

It’s Not Over Yet
Don’t be surprised if this video leads to a huge ah-ha! More later, Michele PW P.S. Our 24-hour livestream replay is happening right now. This is your chance to have Lisa walk you through how to ... More