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Teleseminar or Webinar? Which One Is Right for You?

If you like the idea of touching people all over the world from the comfort of your home or office, and you want travel to be something that you do for pleasure, versus something that you have to do for work, teleseminars or webinars are great options. A teleseminar is an audio-only training that you give over the phone that people from all over the world can listen to. I’ve had people from 37 different countries listening in all at the same time! A webinar is similar, but it adds a visual element. Your viewers sit in front of their computers, tablets or smartphones, watching slides or videos that enhance your audio teaching. Both teleseminars and webinars can be used as promotions, such as with a preview call or a Q&A, to enroll ... More


Why Create Partnerships?

As I said in a recent article, there’s something really magical that happens when two entrepreneurs with complementary strengths come together to create something bigger than what each could do individually. Here are just a few of the many benefits of creating the right affiliate or Joint Venture partnership for you: You don’t have to go it alone. It’s a beautiful feeling when somebody else is holding the torch with you on a project. You get to strike in a new direction, while taking advantage of your partnership’s collective brain. You can expand your expertise. If you have expertise in doing telesummits and your partner knows how to work with video, together you could do a really cool video summit, while learning a new skill that you will have forever. Uplevel your visibility. Creating partnerships ... More


Do You Create Adversaries or Partnerships?

Sometimes, even the best relationships can become adversarial. Whether business or romantic, they slip from a partnership, win/win model where, when you win, I win, and when I win, you win—to an adversarial model where, when I win, you lose. And when you win, I lose. The truth is, nobody wins when the relationship turns adversarial, when one partner becomes afraid that the other will get too powerful, or believes that there’s only so much abundance or happiness or success to go around. So if you find yourself feeling envious or resentful of a colleague’s or partner’s success, ask yourself how you can move the relationship back to win/win. Often all it takes is awareness and admitting what you’re thinking, and then you can transform the dynamic and get back on track. Because the truth is ... More