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How to Turn One Gig into Many

One-Gig-Into-ManyPeople ask me all the time, “Lisa, how do I find speaking gigs?” One of the best -- and easiest -- ways is to mine the gold from every event you do speak at. Whether you’re speaking live or in a webinar or teleseminar -- there are three parties that you can network with in order to find out about other speaking engagements and even get booked on the spot. And the beauty is, you don’t have to do any cold calling! Here are 3 ways that you can turn your one speaking gig into many: 1. Talk to the host. The host has just seen you in action, so they’re a great resource for getting booked for an upcoming event. If that doesn’t work, see if they know of other events or hosts where you might be a good ... More


How to Find Your Next Speaking Gig

People often ask me how to find places to speak. Here are my three favorite ways to do that: 1. “Stir the drink.” By that I mean, stir the energy of the universe by getting yourself out there. Offer to speak everywhere you can. Send your speaker outline to 20 organizations that bring in speakers. What you’ll probably find is that your opportunity comes from some other direction. And that’s okay. That’s often how the universe works. But you need to get the ball rolling by putting yourself out there. 2. People you know. Once you have a speaking gig or two under your belt, finding more gigs gets easier. For instance, if I had spoken on a teleseminar series with 10 or 20 other speakers, I would contact those speakers and ask if they wanted to share connections and notes on some ... More


Simple Systems, Powerful Results

One of the things that allows me to have an awesome level of freedom and personal control over my life, my day and my schedule, are systems. In fact, you could say I’m obsessed with simple systems, where one elegant move gets you many powerful results. My number one simple system has been having my Signature Talk and Irresistible Offers ready to go. That system has helped me expand my reach, build my business, and make a difference. It’s given me the freedom to work from home, sometimes in my pajamas, using my signature talk to teach teleseminars to people from all over the world. It’s also enabled me to travel the world myself. I just got back from the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Last year I went to Thailand and Australia. If you’d like to experience the ... More