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Don’t Call It an “Order Form”

order formWhen a public speaker uses the phrase “order form,” the minds of some people in the audience will shut down. They’ll figure their learning is over, and they won’t really be listening anymore. That’s why I recommend that you refer to your order form as a “summary sheet” instead. But don’t just call it that, actually create a summary sheet that will become a handout, which will enhance the value of what the audience is getting. To create your summary sheet, put an outline of the five or seven steps of your system at the top. Below that list, put your invitation or offer to work with you further. Print the summary sheet as a three-part NCR (no carbon required) at 8.5” by 14”. That way, you’ll have room for your summary and offer on one page. Plus, ... More


How to Get the Speaking Gig

speaking gigHosts and promoters want to know that you are ready to step onto their stage, so before you start approaching them for speaking gigs, you want to get these five things in place:

  1. A speaker outline. Your speaker outline should state the transformation that you’re going to offer to the audience along with three to five bullets of exactly what you’re going to cover in your talk.
  2. A professional photo in digital format. Don’t use a photograph that was shot on your cell phone or by your spouse. Invest in a session with a professional photographer, and make sure that you get a digital version so you can email the photo.
  3. A speaker bio. In a punchy way, get your credibility down on paper so that the promoter can see that you are ready.
  4. A speaker introduction.
... More


How to Turn One Gig into Many

One-Gig-Into-ManyPeople ask me all the time, “Lisa, how do I find speaking gigs?” One of the best -- and easiest -- ways is to mine the gold from every event you do speak at. Whether you’re speaking live or in a webinar or teleseminar -- there are three parties that you can network with in order to find out about other speaking engagements and even get booked on the spot. And the beauty is, you don’t have to do any cold calling! Here are 3 ways that you can turn your one speaking gig into many: 1. Talk to the host. The host has just seen you in action, so they’re a great resource for getting booked for an upcoming event. If that doesn’t work, see if they know of other events or hosts where you might be a good ... More