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Closing Open Loops

Close-open-loopsAre you “thinking about” advancing yourself with some additional training, personally or professionally? Maybe you’ve got something in mind, such as going to an event you heard about or investing in a training that entices you every time you think about it. You know you want to, you know that it would be valuable, which is why you haven’t said no to it, but you haven’t said yes, yet, either. That’s an example of an “open loop.” An open loop is anything where you don’t have a date, you don’t have a decision, or you don’t have a plan for how some kind of decision or choice is going to get tied down. The problem is that nothing can happen until you make a decision yes or no. Until you close that loop, you can’t move forward, ... More


Growing Pains

As you become more successful, there will be growing pains along the way. For instance, when your groups are small, say 7 or 8, you know everyone in your group intimately. As a heart-centered entrepreneur, you likely relish that. But when your groups grow to 30 or 40 or 80, you’re not going to know everyone as well. And, despite appreciating the expansion of your reach, the loss of that intimacy might be painful. I understand, believe me. I want every Sassy to come hang out in my living room. I want to know their kids, but, with 100-plus members, it's not possible. So I make it a point to be as present as possible with the people who are showing up, and then I find ways to support the introverts, the folks who are ... More


Multiple Wins from One Step

Concept Of Rebellion, Flow Against The Tide, Individuality, AndAs an entrepreneur—and a busy Mommy—any time that I can do one thing and get a lot of results out of it, I’m happy. In fact, it’s my favorite thing to teach my clients to do. For instance, when you attend live events, that one action can energize you and your business in a ton of different ways, simultaneously! Just a few days at a live event can bring you: 1. Powerful networking. At one of our events, you’re putting yourself into the center of hundreds of heart-centered entrepreneurs from all over the world. With our other attendees you can co-promote, JV, and mastermind. You can take them on as clients, get booked to speak through them, and give and get referrals. 2. A vital ... More