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Lisa Sasevich has created a number of products and solutions to support EXPERTS who are looking to get their message out and enjoy on-the-spot sales, without being pushy or “salesy”. Thousands of service professionals just like you, have followed these products step-by-step and built rich speaking careers, expanded their coaching practice and gained the confidence of knowing how to turn interested prospects into invested clients in any situation.

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The Invisible Close™

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97 Selling Secrets Revealed To Help You Turn Prospects Into Paying Clients!

Boost sales without being salesy. Structure and present IRRESISTIBLE OFFERS that inspire people to “Buy Now.” Instantly make thousands of additional dollars each and every month without working any harder! Click here to learn how Lisa Sasevich converts 100% of exactly the right people in her audience into happy paying clients on-the-spot… and how you can too…

This is for you if you sell from Teleseminars…

The Invisible Close 6 Figure Teleseminar Secrets

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Use My Clear, PROVEN 5-Step Plan to Make Money with Your Expertise!

Whether you’re an expert who’s just getting started or an experienced marketer, I’ll show you exactly how to create those 6-figure launches again and again. Click here to follow this paint-by-numbers system to see these results in YOUR business…

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This is for you if you sell from the stage…

Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp


Step into the Spotlight with a Talk that you Love, Offers that Sell and the Confidence that comes with being Ready

  • Massively increase your back-of-the-room sales
  • Add speaking to your marketing mix
  • Create a line of excited customers at your back table ready to purchase

The Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp is designed specifically for entrepreneurs, coaches, experts, speakers, authors and service professionals who prefer an authentic style of speaking and want to use their authentic style to draw people in without being “salesy”.

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The Invisible Close Speak-to-Sell Masters Collection, Volume I

Speak to Sell Masters

Learn from 10 Speak-to-Sell Masters as they get on the stage, give amazing value AND gross $20,000 to over $200,000 from sharing their expertise!

  • 10 unique Speak-to-Sell talk videos
  • 10 order forms to model

Event Profit Secrets

Event Profit Secters

  • Learn how to create your own content rich, massive profitable events – big or small!
  • Discover Lisa’s step-by-step simple formula for crafting 7-figure events so you can add high value /high contribution events to your Leveraged Progression Plan too!

This is for you if you sell one-to-one…

High Ticket Selling Bootcamp

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Impact & Influence is YOUR Ticket To Building a Successful, Sustainable Business Around YOUR Expertise so You Can Make BIG Money While Making a BIG Difference

The virtual bootcamp is a combination of the COMPLETE version of my LAST EVER, SOLD OUT 3-day Impact & Influence Intensive training that happened October 2013 – where I taught heart-centered entrepreneurs and agents of change just like you how to make money with your expertise, in the comfort of your home while you create an upward spiral of Highly-Invested, Highly-Committed, Action-Taking Clients…FAST. This is the only product that includes Lisa’s ACTION Sales Secrets training so you can take prospects from cold-to-sold in one phone call!


ULTIMATE Telesummit Formula

Are you ready to create a steady stream of hot, happy, super-qualified ready-to-buy prospective clients and a system to convert them into invested clients. Hosting your own telesummit is one of the QUICKEST ways to own your own space and expand your reach while creating powerful partnerships, profits and raving fans. Lisa’s will teach you her complete system for effortlessly creating 3-Day Virtual Events.


Get Started Speaking

get started speaking

Spread Your Mission and Make More Money From the Stage!

Get started as a Speaker AND make the big bucks … even if you’ve never spoken in your life and you’re starting with free gigs! Click here to get your message out the way you should and take those sales sky-high…

Simply Irresistible!

simple irresistible

Learn How To Sell More From The Stage – Easily, Effortlessly, and Authentically!

Learn from Lisa Sasevich and Ali Brown exactly how to structure and present truly IRRESISTIBLE OFFERS that close sales EFFORTLESSLY — on the spot! Click here to make this the year you FINALLY learned a way of selling on stage that was COMFORTABLE… and makes you MORE money than ever…

Private 1-on-1 Offer Communication Call

  • 1-on-1 call with an Invisible Close Master Coach
  • Get totally clear on the transformation you uniquely offer and have the words to express it
  • Create Your Hooky talk title so you can get booked easily
  • And, if time permits, design your method of service delivery with your Master Coach!

“Lisa, I just finished reading your book and I must say, it’s fabulous and evil. You shouldn’t be sharing all these secrets with people!”

“It cost me well over 50K to learn the techniques in your book. I’m implementing the ones that I wasn’t yet using in my workshops right now. I highly recommend your information to anyone who owns a business or is in any kind of sales capacity. Rest assured Lisa, there’s nothing out there that compares to what you’re doing.”

Stephan Stavrakis MCHt

Master Practitioner of NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy Motivational Speaker and founder of 3D Thinking

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